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SMA Member Gallery of Stairs

Please view the stairway projects of our members. Each are professionals in the stair industry that would be happy to consider your inquiry.  Click on a picture to enlarge and  navigate all the photos.  Click on any enlarged picture to view full screen in another window.

Members are encouraged to tag and place their name, logo and copyright on each photo they upload. Captions should include a brief description of  the project and the members website.

64 photo(s) Updated on: January 10, 2017
  • Custom starting posts
  • A continuous, code compliant handrail that follows the stair.
  • Walnut handrail
  • Handrail that follows a set of winders.
  • Building a solid wood outer stringer for a spiral stairway.
  • Continuous wood rail cap set on top of a metal sub rail.
  • Spiral stair wood rail.
  • Continuous wood handrail.
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