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presents the

2020 StairCraft Awards 

SMA members!  You are encouraged to compete in the 2020 StairCraft Awards.  The StairCraft Awards recognize the best staircase projects of our industry in Aesthetics, Stair Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Technical Challenge.  All contestants compete anonymously and are judged by their peers in the industry.  There is no higher honor. 

Entry Deadlines

January 10th:  Deadline for Early Registration *Save $10 per entry*

February 10th:  Deadline for Final Registration 

February 14th:  All Entry Forms & Photo Submissions DUE


Entry Rules

2020 - StairCraft Awards - Rules.pdf

Entry Forms

2020 - StairCraft Awards - Entry Form.pdf

2020 - Challenger Award - Entry Form.pdf

Award Program Updates

The 2020 StairCraft awards have changed slightly with the retiring of a few categories and the addition of a few others. 

We have added a category for the "Best Production Stairway" which is defined as a stair designed for and built in 3 or more homes or units in housing development areas.   This category will be judged for aesthetics, safety, quality and technical challenges unique to housing development home constraints, including installation efficiency and value engineering. 

The new lineup will also include a "Challenger Award" which is for any SMA individual or company who has created a new product, improved a process, or perfected a technique which would have a positive influence on the stair industry. This process, product, or technique should move the stair industry forward in design, creativeness, or by solving a common issue. It must embrace code and be for a purpose or particular use. This category will be FREE to enter! 

Another addition includes the "People's Choice Award." This award will be voted on by the attendees of the SMA Annual Conference, each year. 

Members will now be able to enter projects that have been completed within the last 5 years. The 5-photo format adopted in 2019 will remain in place for the 2020 awards year. And, finally, the entry fee has changed from a lump sum to a pay-per-entry of $110.


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