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Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association
StairCraft Awards 

Remodeling and Home Design

The SMA StairCraft Awards recognize the best staircase projects of our industry in Aesthetics, Stair Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Technical Challenge.  All contestants compete anonymously and are judged by their peers in the industry.  There is no higher honor. SMA members are eligible to compete.

ENTER THE 2018 StairCraft Awards

Early entires must be received by Saturday, December 30, 2017.  All entry submissions must received complete no later than February 23, 2018, at 5:00 pm pacific.  

SMA Standards & Resources:

Nominees for the prestigious StairCraft Award are held the highest standard for both safety and workmanship. To ensure that your project meets all of the latest stair code regulations, you can browse through the SMA stair code books and guides. These publications are designed to simplify complicated stairbuilding concepts to help industry professionals maintain the highest standards and build upon their expertise. The visual interpretations booklets include clear images that can be used as reference guides on the field, while the technical guides include through explanations of a variety of procedural techniques. You can download a PDF version of these resources or order print copies.


View the SMA Annual StairCraft Award winners

from prior years on the adjoining pages.

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