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Stairway Building Manufacturers

In the United States, stairway building manufacturers have the important responsibility of upholding a variety of safety regulations and codes, while still producing craftsman quality designs that can grant elegance to any construction. Whether in a home, mall, or skyscraper, properly constructed stairs protect the safety of individuals as they move from floor to floor. While many lay people may take the safety of their stairs for granted, stairway building requires careful architecture and high-quality materials to preserve the integrity of the construction while still offering aesthetic appeal. For this reason, manufacturers are constantly pushing forward with new innovations that can improve security and design while abiding by the latest codes and regulations.


At the Stairbuilders and Manufacteres Association, we strive to be the #1 resource for stair industry professionals, offering both business and educational support to our clients to promote the professional betterment and advancement of each of our members. From workshops to AIA continued education courses, networking programs, code consultation, and more, we put our focus on our manufactures and stairbuilders because when they succeed, the industry succeeds.


Our visual interpretations of RIC stair codes, for example, are designed to help simplify the complex regulations that staribuilders and manufacturers are obligated to uphold. This includes explanations of things like:


  •  Headroom requirements
  •  Walkline location
  •  Handrail height standards
  •  How to determine guard height
  •   How to measure carpeted stairs
  •   And more


Each of these topics is accompanied by illustrations and pictures, offering a user-friendly reference manual that can serve as a valuable tool.


In addition to safety standards, the best stairway building manufacturers are also able to design beautifully crafted and elegant stair flights that add character to their atmosphere. To say that all stairs are created equal would be a gross mischaracterization, as there are endless designs, from modern steel and wood constructions to traditional styles with extravagant banisters, tight spiraling stairs, wide rectangular stairs, and so many variations in between. To achieve the perfect look, manufacturers often must get creative and work closely with designers and homeowners (and sometimes even Feng shui experts) to achieve the perfect architectural structure and aesthetic.


To achieve both safety and design expectations, manufacturers are often in competition to develop the best manufacturing technology and techniques as well as offer the best quality materials that will provide both style and durability. High-quality stairs can provide decades of utility, supporting countless foot traffic throughout the years. This important work can not only prevent safety hazards but also offers the foundational building blocks to support everyday life.


At the Stairbuilders and Manufactures Association, we invite all stair industry professionals who value the craft, and are dedicated to upholding standards and bettering the industry, to join our prestigious network and connect with industry leaders across the nation. Not only does SMA membership grant your business elite status due to our highly professional reputation, but our wide range of business and educational resources can provide you with the tools that you need for success. 

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