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Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association

 Visual Interpretations of IRC Stair Codes

2012 IRC Stair Codes NOW AVAILABLE in Printed Version Below

2009 IRC Available only as download

Understanding technical stairbuilding concepts and important standards can sometimes be difficult without visual representations. For this reason, the SMA has published expertly designed graphic illustrations of a variety of stairway codes and regulations. In addition to other SMA stair code books, the visual interpretations manuals have provided outstanding utility to industry professionals, covering code requirements relating to categories like headroom, handrails, guards, measurements, and more. These guides are great to have on hand as vocational resources that can be referenced as needed. These visual publications are updated regularly so that stairbuilders and lay people alike can stay up to date on the latest codes and better understand industry requirements.  

"View ONLY" Download of 2009 IRC

Only $5.00  Immediate Electronic Access. This PDF file will not print.

Note: Download version has a faint copyright watermark on every page that does not inhibit legibility.

Drawings and Photos explain the technical terms and many significant changes in the stair building codes since 2006.

  • Headroom
  • Walkline location
  • Measuring carpeted stairs
  • The definition of "flight"
  • Measuring winder treads
  • Handrail height
  • Guard height determination
All illustrated in the SMA "Visual Interpretation of the Stair Building Codes, 2009 IRC". This version is no longer available in print.

Currently the 2009 and 2012 IRC are the model codes most frequently adopted into law by most jurisdictions.  Always check with your building safety department for local modifications.

2012 IRC Stair Codes

 Order Printed Copies Below. 

As low as $1.50 ea in quantity. 

Shipped to arrive in 1-3 days.
(No watermark on printed copies)



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