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AWI / SMA 0643 - Stairs, Handrails and Guards

The Architectural Woodworking Institute (AWI) and the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA) are now surveying the interest of industry participation in the canvass body that will review and approve the AWI / SMA 0643 - Stairs, Handrail and Guards Standard.  The standard will addresses the aesthetic and structural performance of stair, handrail and guard systems and will be an essential tool for the specification,  design, fabrication and installation of both commercial and residential stairways.   

Interested persons must complete the interest survey by clicking on the link below and downloading the fillable PDF form.  Please complete the digital form and email to AWI Technical Projects Manager, Cheryl Dermyre at

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The Architectural Woodwork Institute, AWI, as the Standard Development Organization (SDO) requested SMA's cooperation to develop the “Stair Section 0643” as a part of their comprehensive standard for Architectural Woodwork.  ANSI standards are recognized internationally and must be developed by a consensus process that assures all affected by the standard have a voice.  This is done by forming a canvass body to comment and approve the standard.  The canvass body must include; those of general interest, users of the standard, and producers of the products.  The body must be balanced in representation to assure consensus.  We expect our canvass body will be approximately 30 persons of which 20 must be producers.

We are now surveying interest to participate in the canvass body.  Candidates for the canvass body will be selected from the survey respondents to assure industry demographic and geographic factors are representative of our industry and those parties affected.  If selected, you would take a responsible role in reviewing the standard, by approving or disapproving with reason and a proposed solution.   If you would be interested in dedicating your time to this valuable stage in the development of the standard, please go to the link provided in the icon above where you can download the survey.  The fillable pdf form must be completed digitally and submitted to AWI Technical Projects Manager, Cheryl Dermyre at

For additional information regarding AWI's ANSI procedures follow this link:

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