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232 photo(s) Updated on: April 14, 2017
  • Pedicab Tour? Thought we were going to be pedaled, Right! We did the pedaling. Lots of fun visiting historic antebellum homes, the old tavern...Thank you Carrie Fitts for a wonderful Day.
  • SMA at the Mercedes Visitors Center
  • 2017 StairCraft Awards Banquet Attendees
  • There is no 'O' in Alabama, ROLL TIDE!
  • Rusty Parks demonstrated attaching a starting easement to the rake rail. - SMA Stair School at NWFS
  • Drilling for the Rail Bolt.
  • Rusty Parks explains how to layout drillings for a rail bolt - SMA Stair School at NWFA
  • Rusty checks his work by laying the rail on the stair.
  • Cutting the rail and easing.
  • Robert Aulicky demonstrates his wood stretching technique at the SMA Stair School provided for the National Wood Floor Association prior to the St. Louis Workshop.
  • Robert Aulicky demonstrates shimming techniques to repair existing stairs. - SMA Stair School at NWFA
  • Laying out and Cutting Housed and Cut Stringers - SMA stair school at NWFA
  • Stair Assembly at Builders Stair Supply Workshop
  • Chas Wiebe explains his handrail return process.
  • The Builder Stair Supply Invention - Metal Baluster Cutter.
  • It will even cut Stainless
  • Attendees to the United Rockland Stair tour in Suffern, New York. October 2016
  • "Looking Sharp" Tooling by Charles G.G. Schmidt
  • Dan Gersbach of Stair Lab exhibiting their new modular stair system
  • Melanie Dumas of Prestige Metal exhibiting stringer systems and baluster.
  • The Charles GG Schmidt Exhibit, Suffern NY Workshop
  • Tools, Fasteners, and much more from On Time Supply
  • SMA President Steve Guenzel addresses 80 attendees at the SMA Workshop, Hosted by member United Rockland Stairs
  • Don't miss the next stops on the SMA National Workshop Road Tour - Crown Heritage in Wilkesboro, NC and Builders Stair Supply, in St. Louis
  • Stair Professionals from across the country in attendance.
  • Focused on the latest developments in Stair Codes
  • SMA Visual Interpretations for all attendees, GO PATS!
  • Waste NOT, Get LEAN - Kevin West
Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association
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