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Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association Governance

Organization Structure                     Directors Responsibilities                      Election Procedures

Organizational Structure



Directors Responsibilities:

  • The board of directors holds complete responsibility for managing the business affairs of the SMA in accordance with the association’s by-laws as a non-profit organization.  The directors are responsible to the members of the association that elect them with confidence in their ability and earnest efforts to work toward organizational growth and fulfillment of the SMA Mission.
  • Each Director is elected to a three year term.  Although it is not required active involvement and participation on committees, task groups, or projects should be a measure of the interest, experience and ability of the director as they utilize their talents related to the conduct of the SMA’s mission.
  • Directors are expected to lead by example placing SMA interests above personal gain or admonishment in all decisions of the board and invoke their full participation as a member of the board attending meetings and participating in leadership of the organization.
  • Currently the Board of Directors meets monthly as needed by teleconference and holds a face to face meeting at the annual business meeting of the association.  Elected Directors receive no compensation, travel stipend or allowance.

Election Procedure and Policy:

  • The Governance committee completes the nomination of Director Candidates in December. Anyone interested in becoming a candidate or making a nomination should contact the Governance committee, prior, at
  • Each candidate accepting nomination presents a brief biography with photograph and explains their reasons for becoming a candidate in a standard format for publication with the ballot.
  • The Governance committee prepares and publishes the ballot of the candidates. The ballot is distributed to the membership, collected, and tallied by the Executive Director in February.
  • The membership is notified of the election results following notification of the candidates by the board.
  • Candidates Elect are invited to attend the March Board meeting.
  • The annual election of the officers of the corporation takes place in accordance with the bylaws during the March board meeting.
  • Newly elected directors and officers are inducted at the Annual Business Meeting of the Membership.
  • The position of president shall require at least one year’s tenure on the Board of Directors.
  • One Additional Officer must have at least one year’s tenure on the Board of Directors.

Term of Office:

  • The term of a director is three years beginning with the Annual Business Meeting following election and terminate in accordance with the bylaws.
  • The term of office for officers shall be one year.

Schedule for election of Directors:

  • The number of directors, currently 9, is determined by the board and consists of three classes of three directors each. This assures continuity by providing a majority of experienced directors at all times.
  • Each year a new class is elected  (see current listing of directors)
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